There’s so much world out there

Travel Without Limits

Wherever you want to go, however you want to get there, whatever you want to do we have the ideal travel agent match just for you.


We offer many options from different airlines, with and without connections.


We offer a cost-effective transfer service from the airport to your hotel and back.


We offer a full array of excursios travel options with personalized service.

Plan your

East West Travel company is a tour agency, specializing in organizing tours to all destinations. We are happy to make your holidays unforgettable and amazing! Our agents are experts in finding you the most comfortable and interesting place for you to have breathtaking holidays.

Select the country you’d like to visit and provide our agents with estimated time – they’ll find and offer the most suitable tours and hotels.

During our work we organized countless journeys for our clients. Today we have valuable experience travelling and we can advise the most stunning resorts, cities and countries to visit!

Feel the Freedom

Find your path in clear water, beautiful island and attractive beaches.

  • Cruises
    We offer cruises for everyone and will arrange flights, transfers, hotels and even help book shore excursions.
  • Tours
    If you would like to travel to a faraway place in a secure, comfortable group setting we can find the perfect group tour.
  • Packages
    We know where to find the most fun, vibrant, do everything or do nothing destinations!

Our advantages

You can buy your flights, book your hotel, transfer or taxi to the airport, take out non-departure and advanced health insurance separately.

  • No hidden fees
    No hidden charges. No funny business. With us, you’ll always know exactly where your money goes. So you can relax before your trip even begins.
  • Convenient universal sales
    We’ll save you time and money by making every aspect of your visit — car rental from airlines and scheduling up business meetings to business meetings.
  • Personalised approach
    Travel has forever changed but we will continue to innovate and support our customers so they can move freely and explore the familiar and the unexpected on their own terms.
  • Travel experts
    Our experts will inform you about climate, politics and tourism in the direction you want to travel and ensure your travel is more comfortable and professionals who will offer you the best of service for every aspect of your journey.
  • Trust
    We have gained the trust of our customers with our transparent and high-quality service to our customers during. Unlike other companies, we do our best to provide our customers with high quality services in every chapter.

Create Your Trip

At East West Travel companyl, we have consultants passion for travel available who will work out the details and create unforgettable vacations.

If you can’t choose or want to learn more about the hotel, contact our managers. Based on your preferences, they will select the appropriate options and help in choosing.

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